Blocking Hotline 1.9's banners:

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    For anyone else out there that feels the desire or need to use Hotline Connect 1.9, yet is annoyed by the banners, I've just discovered a very simple solution.

    HLC stores all of its banner information locally in a pair of directories, and seems to read just from one of them. By clearing out these directories (while Hotline isn't running) then removing all write access to them, you can prevent HLC from caching any crap to your drive, and at the same time kill your banners. On the Windows 2000 Pro box that I've tested this on, these two directories are WINNTcache280 and WINNTsystem32AdCache, with cache280 being the one it reads from.

    I'd assume that this should work for other flavors of Windows, and probably for Mac OS, but the directories would likely be located elsewhere. Doing a search for recently created .swf files after running Hotline should find them.

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    Re: Blocking Hotline 1.9's banners:

    Nice, thanks.

    I've been wanting to try this, but I was waiting until I could build HL from the open source repository. Now it looks like I don't have to bother :)

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