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    I just finished the single player Mech Warrior and loved it.

    However, I can't seem to get connected to the internet games. I can connect to the zone OK, but when I try and click on any game, I get an error saying "Cannot join the selected game. There may be networking problems or the server might be gone."

    I'm on a home network, and I'm running a Win2k machine that's not exposed to the net. However, I opened all the ports that I thought should be opened according to the FAQ'S and Microsoft's site, and still nothing seems to work.

    Has anyone else got this working on a Local net?

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    Never mind!

    I'm connected! And getting whomped.

    Did I hear something about training newbiez?

    Where can I play w/ plaid?

    Is there some kind of primer to net play, advice, FAQ, something like that?
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    There are a few of us playing mechwarrior regularly right now including Myself, Lino, Cinnibar, Nate and croaker. We are part of a team of players in a group called "Apocalypse'" The team is not clan plaid affiliated, but roughly 40% of its members (the five of us) are from clan plaid. We play a couple of times a week as a team, but can be found playing other times in smaller numbers more frequently. The team can be found here:


    The website is a little garish, but it serves us fine and we have a forum via ezboard.

    We also have a dedicated server which you can see on zonestats. It goes by the name of "Apocalypse ^A^" and is running scripted maps most nights. Its only closed when we are using it for match play once or twice a week.

    But absolutely the most important thing you will need if you play with us and want to learn more about the game is voice-chat. We use a program called battlecom to communicate with-the program is availible on CPHL in the mechwarrior folder. All it takes is a mike and a stable internet connection to use. The higher quality mike the better. If you don't have one, I would recommend the plantronics USB series for clarity and ease of use. Once you get battlecom, contact any of us for the battlecom server and password.

    Cinni is quite good at the game, and nate, myself and croaker are fair, so we could all be good teachers.

    Hope this helps,


    Oh and if you don't have a joystick-you absolutely have to have one to play this game.
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    I'll go get a Joystick tonight...

    How do I get to a dedicated server? Does it show up on the list in the mechwarrior game?
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    Yes it does

    The server should show up in the list by name

    Apocalypse ^A^

    If you can't find it on the list, then you can try by ip:

    Once you add an ip to your list it should stay in the list for good. Ill be sure and play some tonight to try and blow a few holes in you :)

    Some thoughts about joysticks:

    My own experience has been that Saitek does not make a good stick. I started out with the "Gold" version of their usb joystick and had problems from the start. With windows '98 I was able to get them solved, but I don't think I could fix it ever on Windows 2K. Black cat has had similair experiences. Unfortunately, they are the only people who make left-handed joysticks, as far as I know. microsoft doesnt seem to recognize that left-handers exist in the world :)

    If you are not left handed, absolutely the best Joystick I have found is the Microsoft Force Feedback 2. But it comes with a hefty price tag of $95 or so. But, I bought mine from best buy and got there extended no hassle warranty for a couple of additional years of coverage for another $9.95, and with that, I have an excellent joystick which will last for years because I can replace it anytime. Its an investment. Nate convinced me to take this path after my Saitek broke. As an additional plus, I can verify that it works perfectly with Windows 2k-the operating system I run Mechwarrior 4 in.

    Cheaper alternatives would include the sidewinder series from MS, though you might want to talk to croaker about some problems he has been having with them. And I have heard good things about logitech, though I have no experience with them personally.

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    Sidewinder Precision...

    I got the cheaper "Precision" stick... I saved the box. I hosed the last joystick I had within a couple weeks of hard play (the stick got all loose in the at rest/center position, and kept thinking I was trying to turn right when I was not touching the stick at all... very frustrating.)

    This one is already loosening up a little. If anything goes wrong, I'll exchange it for store credit and upgrade to the FF2... Another 70 hard earned bucks down the drain! I'm going to stop by and pick up a headset tonight. I've got all my USB ports plugged up, so unless I pick up a USB hub in addition to the headset, I may just go with a soundcard-pluggable headset. With the USB headphones.. do the speakers on your machine get turned on when you plug in the headset?
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    Doh.. meant to say

    I'll go get a headset tonight... I already have a Joystick...

    I'm pretty spaced right now...
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    Joysticks and headsets.

    The first joystick I got for Mech4 was the bottom line Sidewinder w/out the z axis. It's workable but hard as hell to get the torso twisting thing down. For $13 more bucks I got the sidewinder precision 2 and it has made a world of difference in game play (though I've been having to un-learn some button habits). Both joysticks used to stop working on me in the middle of a game, almost every game and I couldn't get it working again unless I quit the game and sometimes restart my computer. I think it was my usb port though because I plugged the stick into a different port and it seems to have fixed the problem.

    The headset I use is some $14 model that sits over your ears like backwards glasses. I don't know who makes em (the # on the earphones is CDX-02VM and they're silver) but they've worked fine for me. I don't know what I sound like on bcom but I used them a lot on internet phone's and have had no complaints concerning clarity of voice.

    -Croaker #CP#V-

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    Re: Zin! [nt]

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    Re: Zin!

    Garish my ass!!!!!
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    Is you ass garish sar? I think that kind of information is something we should best not know about :)

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    Saracen's ass is only 10% as garish as his web-board "graphic-signatues"....

    He could use it as a homing beacon. :)


    ^A^ Apoc Home Page
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    [b]Re: If.....[/b]

    Saracen's ass is only 10% as garish as his web-board

    He could use it as a homing beacon. :)


    Hey now... I'm responsible for one of those garish signatures he uses.

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