Console Gaming Conundrum

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    Hails All!

    So, recently my PS2's internal fan died on me. I will be searching online about cheap fixs and what not but at the moment with PS3 & Wii looming over the corner, and 360 already having made it's splash this puts me in a bit of a tizzy.

    I'm not sure whether I should just return all my current PS2 stuff for In-Store Credit at a gamestop-like place and shell out for a 360, which I have been contemplating getting anyways.

    In anycase, there is still a chance I can save my PS2 cheaply but I was just looking for some $0.02 from the kind CP'ers out there!

    Vragak, The #CP# Newbie =)

    EDIT - My first brief googling is looking like the fix is not going to be somethign I will be able to handle without killing my PS2 more than it already is. =(

    EDIT #2 - MacGyvering... putting a regualr old oscillation stand fan behind the PS2 and on allows it to run no problems... as this is just a work around the discussion would still be appreciated.
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    I wrote up a big "pros and cons" of the 360 (which I've owned since June), but I'm sure you're well aware of most of them I'll make my comments short.

    The wii has really been gathering a lot of steam before its release, and will probably be the "chic" console to have once it is out. It's at a nice price point, and has a good game release lineup, it seems. With the controversy surrounding the PS3, I'd be afraid of buying into the platform upon its release, I'd definitely wait a few months to see where it's headed.

    The xbox 360 seems to be the "safe" choice for consoles...though xbox live is where it shines, in my opinion. The interface is fantastic, and consistent (mostly) across games. XBL Arcade is downright adictive. A good lineup of titles are coming out in the fall/winter: (Gears of War, Forza 2, Team Fortress 2, Rainbow Six: Vegas, and of course Halo 3 next year.) Add in downlodable demos and content via the XBL marketplace, and the high def output to a VGA screen or HDTV, and it's a complete package. I won't go as far to say that I'm playing more now than when Myth first came out, but it is quite close.

    Dunno what your console gaming prefs are, but If you decide to go with the 360, and play online, you'll definitely have a good community of people to play with, if you so desire.

    Good luck with the PS2!

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    One of my main curiousities would be the HD debate.

    I've heard many people say that getting a 360 is pointless unless you have an HD TV, which I do not. (the whole broke grad student in debt sorta thing) I currently have no plans on picking up a HD TV until after my next move (as I'm sure moving my 27" CRT down 3 flights and somewhere else will not be fun again this time)

    I do have a 15" VGA LCD monitor & a 20" Widescreen VGA/DVI monitor. My TV is a 27" CRT with S-Video, and regular RCA AV jacks.

    Any say on that?

    As for Wii, I'm already pretty sure I will be picking one up, on launch or shortly thereafter. If not simply because my gf enjoys playing the older games or more 'kiddie' games. She is not a huge gamer, but with the Wii I think I could get her to play a bit more... since I doubt I'd ever get her to touch WoW witha 10' pole!

    Thanks for the words, much appreciated.
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    Vragak said:
    I do have a 15" VGA LCD monitor & a 20" Widescreen VGA/DVI monitor. My TV is a 27" CRT with S-Video, and regular RCA AV jacks.
    I'm using my 360 on a Dell 20" 2005FPW via a VGA Adapter. The 360 comes with a component cable by default (to accommodate both HD and non HD sets) so if you are planning to use on your monitor, you'll need one of these VGA adapters. I've got the res out on the 360 set to 1280 x 768, and it looks gorgeous.
    Vragak said:
    If not simply because my gf enjoys playing the older games or more 'kiddie' games. She is not a huge gamer, but with the Wii I think I could get her to play a bit more...
    Sounds like she'd love Xbox Live Arcade., too. :)
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    FYI: Nintendo Wii is expected to release on Nov. 19 at a $250 price tag.

    This is not yet confirmed though an official announcement is expected this week.

    EDIT: It is official now, Nov 19 @ $249.99
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    bought a 360 today. saw it on "sale". was being sold with a $40 or $50 rebate. so conundrum over.

    thanks for the advice. I'll put my gamer tag thing up here when I get one.

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    Can one of you 360 types let me know what prompted your decision? I seem to have missed all the hype for the 360 while I was in my cave. My original xbox is gathering dust because of WoW and other pc games, but I don't want to miss out on something Good and I know that Live is pretty good at making multiplayer easy.

    I'm a long shot but if the sales pitch is good enough maybe I'll join in soon.
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    If the rumoured holiday price drop happens I'll probably bite. Otherwise I'll probably wait till they do drop it.
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    I'm sure it's sacriligeous to some folks, but to me the 360 is just like an Apple, it just works. Pop in a game and go play, either solo or MP. The Xbox Dev environment is polished enough that the MP experience is pretty solid from game to game.
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    thedeacon said:
    Can one of you 360 types let me know what prompted your decision?
    Peer Pressure. Plain and simple. Most of my xbox "180" buddies had made the switch and were raving about it. They were also not playing many of the "180" games anymore, so I ended up twiddling my thumbs or suffering with Halo 2 rabble.

    Weak and puny, I know. However, here are my "expanded" reasons why i think this is the best multiplayer experience out there. Forgive the redundancy from my earlier post.

    Xbox Live: As you said, it makes multiplayer easy. Built-in voice comm, friends lists, messaging...all not new to XBL, but definitely perfected. Interface is slick, simple...easy.

    Xbox Live Arcade: lightweight games you can download, try and buy...many old-time arcade classics, but also some newer titles, card & puzzle games, and many have the capability of multi-person play.

    Xbox live marketplace: downloadable game demos, game previews, premium (and some free) content for existing titles. It uses "Microsoft points" for its currency, which you can buy directly, or at a discount via ratailer cards (amazon, etc).

    Games selection: Some really nice multiplayer games out right now: Call of Duty 2, Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter, Burnout Revenge, Project Gotham Racing 3, Chromehounds...and some much anticipated titles upcoming: Rainbow Six: Vegas, Gears of War, Call of Duty 3, Forza Motorsport 2, Halo 3, Team Fortress 2. Early on, this was the weakness of the 360...but that really can't be said these days.

    A/V: Easy hi-def output to a computer monitor via a VGA cable. Also comes with 5.1 optical out. Games look better than anything I've seen, computer or console.

    Community: There is a pretty sizable contingent of plaid & geezers who have bought into the platform, and more on the verge. Yes, there are jerks and 13-year-olds on LIVE, but it's pretty easy to flag them as undesireable, then avoid/mute them.

    Now for the bad points:

    Cost: the initial layout ($350) notwithstanding, you're looking at $50-$60 a game. Plus $50/year for xbox live subscription. I think we'll start seeing bundles eventually (console + games) but with the price point Sony is getting in at, I wouldn't expect a price drop from Microsoft anytime soon. Then again, the Wiiiiiii is $250, so...who knows

    Hardware: there has been some question to the reliability of the hardware. That, paired with the paltry 90 day warranty M$ gives you, definitely look for an extended warranty from the retailer.

    Controller: not really an issue if you're used to playing on a console, but it took me the better part of a year to transfer my brain from keyboard mode to controller mode. OW. ow ow ow. And I'm still not very good with twitch shooters. No keyboard adapters for the 360, Microsoft closed that hole up.

    Hope this helps, I'm sure there's stuff I'm missing that others can chime in on.

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    XBOX Live, Xbox Live Arcade were huge for me, as my GF will jump in and play some of the arcade games while I play WoW or something else. Also I am a big RPG guy, so with the huge push M$ is putting towards Japan I expect some good ones. Enchanted Arms (eh mediocre) but Lost Odyseey and Blue Dragon look sick. White Knight Stories looks great (PS3 game) but the battle systems doesn't look like it'll turn me on.

    Also, X360 has in game "acheivments' corny, but It is nice to have something represent how much of a gamer you are per-say. Also it just has some incredible games, already. But in the end. I think Xbox 360 will have the most significant games in this new next gen war. I like having something I can pop a disc in and play. #60 lets me do that even without the disc (Xbox Live arcade.)

    In anycase, I'm loving the system so far. LOVE IT. and Xbox live is like another whole system!

    Gamertag: Boudge3036

    Feel free to send me a friend invite.

    EDIT: Hardware: Spend the extra $20 and get the intercooler fan accessory. It prevewnts all the over heating issues some systems had. You would shell out $400 for the system, $500 to get a game... for the love of goodness this is almost more importnt than a retailer warranty.
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