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    Anybody have or played any of the 360 racing games, Forza2, PGR4 etc.

    Just wondering if any of them are worth looking into a bit more.

    also since we're on the topic: what is your view of the Flat Out: UC vs Buronout: Paradise debate. Which are more of you in favor of?

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    I've never ben a forza fan, too 'simmy' for my tastes, although I've heard rave reviews.

    I've liked all the PGRs that have come out, and I'll eventually get this one too. PGR is a nice medium between the simmy and the arcady racers. The motorcycles in this version seem to be fun.

    I purchased flatout:UC last week, I'm really enjoying it. I've been trying to avoid calling it a "Burnout Clone" because of the negativity of the word 'clone', but in the end, that's what it is, with a few advantages: No EA servers to deal with (if you've played multiplayer in Burnout:Revenge, you know that connecting to other parties is an exercise in frustration most times); fun mini games, an overall better look to the game. There seems to be greater potential for a "Oh no you didn't just do that, you bastard" reflex with FO:UC, too. :) I'm not sure if this has to do with the way cars react with each other, or maybe just more potential for car interaction due to the slower pace of the game than Bo:R.

    My plan is to play the hell out of FO:UC until Burnout Paradise comes around (They're saying Q1 08), and see how that turns out. If Bo:P is all that EA says it will be, I'll sell FO:UC. However, if EA screws the pooch on Bo:P, I won't mind keeping FO:UC around. I doubt I will have two on my gaming shelf at the same time, however.

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    PGR4 has been rented (well Gamefly'd) to me. I've played and thoroughly enjoy the game. I don't think I would enjoy it enough to be a purchase however. Maybe if I had a racing wheel... or more friends to play with I would do so, but I do find it to be an amazing game, just to me not a buy.

    Forza 2 - is not on my rental queue, I'll wait until Mukow lets me borrow it since he has it from his X360 bundle.

    Flatout: US - is next on my queue for a GF rental but it seemed fun when I played the demo

    Burnout: Paradise - The more I read about it, the more excited I get... and the more scared I get at the same time. The sandbox style play seems like it will be awesome, but I'm wondering how the no real race courses will affect my being able to attack opponents. Also the arrows above opponents are gone so it may be harder to find them. Also, only 8 people online at a time, for a sandbox style game that is this open seems a bit small. In the end I will probably pre-order it (the pre-order car looks very nice)... but I'm eagerly awaiting a demo to try it for myself. EDIT: Oh my goodness... how could i forget! I'm also very scared of how Crash mode will turn out. Newly named "Showtime" or something like that, I'm worried of how it will work... Crash Mode was something ANYONE could pick up and play.
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