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  • I was thinking "Miss Myth" ("Mith Myth"?) might be a little pun-ny...
  • It's a silly web game with booze powerups and meat for currency. I don't think we need to take it that seriously. I have no problem with anyone we know who wants to play with us joining our 'clan', regardless of the name we use.
  • I vote for "Clan Plaid" or "Clan Plaid and Friends", no matter to me.
  • How about "Clad Plain"? That always cracked me up when I saw it in myth. Was it Santa's brother who came up with that?
  • Clad Plain is not bad, actually.
  • Mori: you might not take it seriously, and I might not take it seriously, but someone else might. The discussions of the last few months make that pretty clear. Better to avoid the issue altogether.
  • we've had a pigskin pick 'em group for years that has been called "Clan Plaid" and have had non-clan plaid members, same goes for fantasy baseball league, and the NCAA tourney picks. I don't recall there *ever* being an issue with that, and I know we have usually sent out plaid wide emails every time we are forming those.
  • Clan Plaid gets my vote
  • Conner, have we used the Clan Plaid name in other online game clans before, where there were non-CP who were invited into and participated in that clan?

    Pigskin pick-em, fantasy hockey, NCAA tourney picks, etc. doesn't count.
  • it doesn't count because you say it doesn't count? Please email me spelling out all of your rules so I know them.

    When Ikariam was 'big' Fire Chief set up a Clan Plaid order that 'we' joined. I don't recall if there was ever non plaid in it or not, but it wouldn't have mattered one bit.

    Does that one not count either?
  • Fantasy pools don't count because they're not online games. The name of the group doesn't imply any sort of group system, special rules or exclusivity. People in fantasy pools wouldn't show up listed as being in #CP#, nor would they assume they are in a group called #CP#. Is that good enough explanation for you?

    I don't know what Ikariam is, but from your description you've given my argument more clout, if this was a in-game clan bearing the #CP# name, which only contained #CP# members. Your assumption "it wouldn't have mattered one bit" is not a fact, and you can't show it would be universally held by the order. The fact is, unless it can be shown that we've used the #CP# name for a clan in an online *game* (thereby showing exclusivity within that game), then I do not want to be the first person to try.

    If you don't think it would be a big deal, and you don't mind accepting the consequences later on if someone were to raise an issue with the name (and possibly require removal of non-#CP# from the group), then by all means, start up the clan in KoL (guild), and I'll be your first member.
  • Carch set up a Clan Plaid in Lord of the Rings Online which contained non-CP members (myself included).
  • EyeSore also just mentioned that WoW has a #CP# clan with non-CP. So the precedence has been set.

    I can create the guild today unless someone else beats me to it.
  • I can mix up a mean cocktail, if you're tired of drinking lame beer and moonshine. Horde up bottles of rum, gin, whiskey, etc!
  • Our first goal should be 50k to purchase a store at the mall, for reselling.

    After that, what should we add to the rumpus room?
  • edited October 2009
    I'm an Accordion Thief named lCroakerl
  • Added.

    There's no indication when an application has come in. (There really should be)

    It's just a coincidence that I read this 1 minute after you posted it :)
  • Coolio. I sang everyone a nice little ditty for luck and dumped off a bunch of stuff that will probably prove to have been invaluable to me.
    By the way, what the hell do you do with rat whiskers?
  • You can sell 'em to the pretentious artist for 50 meat a piece.

    If you're not sure if something's valuable, don't dump it. Hang on to it. I'm putting all my duplicate pieces of equipment in there. Take whatever you need. :)
  • Kalli, I assume this application is from you? :)
  • yeah it was from me
  • Garu, you just applied?
  • Yes, Muffin.

    Kalli accepted me.
  • But he didn't give you the correct rank :)
  • If you haven't already, send a kmail message to Tiny Plastic Boxy Brown (#1979428), who is a bot, with the body "I am a new player".

    You'll get a welcome to KoL package with some goodies in it.
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