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  • Once again Demigod is on sale for $5 - this remains one of the few games that has a lot of replay potential and is especially fun for team games. If you haven't already bit the bullet and…
    in Demigod Comment by thecull January 2011
  • Demigod is on sale just in time for the MWG! $5.99 to get this fun game and play!
    in Demigod Comment by thecull October 2010
  • OK - we will try again tonight. I will add you to my skype list Ramses. It will be hard to find Falken and I since we tend to play mid-level games. Really the only way to coordinate is outside of Demigod. I will be on Skype and will try to be on hot…
  • Let's try it again tonight. Be sure to update your Demigod - a new version (bug fixes) was released today!
  • Its Tuesday again and Falken and I are planning to play. Here is the plan - Falken and I have tried Vent and Skype and and so far we both find that Skype works better (fewer crashes unexpected loss of service). Skype has a conference call capability…
  • One option to consider is going to the demiwiki and looking for game replays. Now there are a lot of bugs with the replays but you will see examples of how people play, the items they buy, and how they fill in their skill tree. BTW - Queen of Thorns…
  • Hi Ramses and Carch and whoever else may have tried to join in, I have to apologize for not coming up with a better plan. So this is one of the bad things about Demigod - there is no lobby where everyone can meet up. Next week I will be better organ…
  • Again - Falken and I will be online to play Demigod from 10 to midnight EST or so tonight (every Tuesday night). Hope to see everyone there.
  • There are a lot of features that are undocumented when you buy the game off the web. Going to the citadel and upgrading your units/team is one. Buying favor items is another (click on the right most circular icon on the action bar at the bottom of t…