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  • Hi Ramses and Carch and whoever else may have tried to join in, I have to apologize for not coming up with a better plan. So this is one of the bad things about Demigod - there is no lobby where everyone can meet up. Next week I will be better organ…
  • Again - Falken and I will be online to play Demigod from 10 to midnight EST or so tonight (every Tuesday night). Hope to see everyone there.
  • There are a lot of features that are undocumented when you buy the game off the web. Going to the citadel and upgrading your units/team is one. Buying favor items is another (click on the right most circular icon on the action bar at the bottom of t…
  • So we need one more so that we can have some good 3 v 3 CP games
  • When in doubt get blood of the fallen. Others are useful on a case by case basis.
  • Awesome - I would suggest playing several tournaments so that you get a feel for the demigods, their abilities, and the equipment/upgrades you can buy. The tournaments are challenging but still much easier than in a human game.
  • Sounds like as good a plan as any....
  • I will definitely let everyone know when there is a discount. Every few months they provide a nice discount (50% or more off). Both Falken and I look forward to having a CP Demigod night.
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  • Darklord said:Side note- Hey Cull - what warlock build you using? I'm set as a SMruin type build (or I think that's it). I know you do a bunch of PVP- but is it good ofr instances? Hails DL, I am Demonic(SL)/Affliction. I like having nightfall, gr…
  • Actually now I am not certain if it is worth while. I still want to play with the CP crowd on the few opportunities that I get. Having just read what is planned for the expansion (see link below) I may not pursue an alt on a PvP server. If I am dill…
  • So I am scouting out the Total War guild on Haomarush under an alt named Maggot. So far they seem like a good group of 30 or so on any given night. They are mostly low level (25 or below) with a few 60's (I have never seen more than 2 60's online at…
  • And guess what they need badly, Warlocks! Because of their summoning capability - so that they can redeploy quickly.
  • I have played on a PVP server. There are frustrating moments but it is usually do-able. I guess the worst that could happen is you play for a couple days and give up at level 20-30 something. Not much time lost if it isnt enjoyable and you always ha…
  • I realize that most of the WoW players are interested in the PvE grind but is there any interest in this PVP idea? Cull