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  • Each time WoW implements a new patch, it seems to be more demanding on everyone's computer. Mewanna has the right idea. Update your video drivers first. Get rid of all the excess programs that run in the background. Also, defrag your hard drive. If …
  • Thanks for taking care of this Chief! We were sorely in need of some kind of change - the spammers were driving me crazy ! Hopefully, this will take care of that problem. I had to admit, this style is taking some getting used to. It feels like I c…
  • I was having the same problems. Every patch made the game slower and slower for me. I wound up buying a new computer (Core2 Duo) in the beginning of this year, and now I have no problems. I am even able to now run several other programs in the bac…
  • The last few bosses went down smooth as can be. Even the Prince took a one-shot to the head and hasn't recovered yet! =) What made it even better, was that we had a few people who were first timers to some of the encounters. Great job everyone!