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  • Yeah after that amount of time the coke has probably eaten through a good part of the plastic bottle. That can't be good for the taste.
  • Ah that would explain it, that post does show up with a slightly different color in the thread for me. And I guess it does say "to Seifer" next to my name on the post. oops!
  • Hmm can you guys not see my response from Jan. 24 above? "That was me, Falken (Yee on staghelm, Alaras on Llane). Are you alliance or horde there? I'm the rogue officer for Fahrenheit on the alliance side."
  • Didn't scare me at all. I've been MIA lately but I'm hoping things become a little less busy in the next few weeks so that I can spend some time on Yee. See you guys soon hopefully!
    in Boo! Comment by Falken September 2006
  • Patro, Cull and I are planning to try and finish the ony chain this weekend at the gathering if you want to wait. I'm on the first quest to find Rexxar and Cull is on the step before that to kill Rend.