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  • Re: MI Tr0 KIK U After the title of the post and the first sentence I thought "Aha! One of the lost tr0boyz", but alas, your next sentence told me otherwise. -- Meg I see from your site you're just as evil and demented as always. Keep up the goo…
  • Re: killing you softly Egad! Dude, looooong damn time no, see! And yes, I know about dealing with insane women. This former wight is single, now. Oh well. E-mail me when you get yer NWN Mod all done. Can't wait to see it! Stormtalon i have NO ide…
  • Dude! (nt) nt
  • Re: Cheese Ahhh, the mild tang of a good Bulgarian Feta, grated generously over a pile of freshly cooked french fries, or perhaps crumbled atop a salad of cucumbers, onions and tomatos. For those of you who think "Ick! Feta! Strong, nasty stuff!" w…
  • It's called Big Red. Avoid this one at all costs. It tastes like friggin' bazooka bubble gum in liquid form. Nasty stuff. Stormtalon
  • Re: lol... tangent! mmmm... flat pop, shipped. uhhhh... no, thanks. :) Geez, missed that. My bad. When I hear a comment like that, I'm reminded of the immortal words of Weird Al: Hey Fella' I bet yer still living in your parent's cella' downloa…
  • Re: Vanilla Coke SUCKS. It tastes like cream soda. Made with spoiled cream. Left to sit in an aluminum vat in the sun for a week. Blech. I like the stuff. I don't drink it every day, but it's a good change from Classic. Stormtalon
  • Better late than never (nt) [nt]
  • Re: Shark Goes Ape (no spoilers) Saw it today myself and have two comments about it (beyond the fact that I did quite enjoy it). 1) I think I can safely say about the ending (without revealing anything that hasn't already been said) -- Serves his …
  • Remember.... If your wife absolutely needs to get out of the house, it IS possible to play Myth, etc. with a kidlet sitting on your lap. I spent many an evening doing just that, including MWG1.... :) Stormtalon
  • Re: Shadowbane... Yep. I'm in. Having a blast, too. Found a really good group of people that Ven and me hang with. Buncha good folks, they don't mind my sense of humor (and they've heard all my worst puns, too) and good players overall. Stormtalon