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Son of Spam #CP#Z
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  • I wonder if the had these types of discussions back in the 1800s. In Soda Revival, Fizzy Taste Bubbles Up From The Past
  • I had the same problem in my office...we take TONS of photos of the subway system and everyone put them on their individual iPhotos, which was a mess. I wish apple would add some sort of 'iPhoto server' to OSX Server like they did with iCal & iC…
  • This thread has officially gone over the 6-year-old mark. Huzzah! Now, more fuel for the fire: Mmmmmm Ham SoS, getting older too
  • since I'm only four games into Halo 3 and already I've muted about six people lol. Check out the voice communication options in Halo itself, set it from "all" to "Team and Party only." This will save your sanity. SoS
  • Thanks guys. I wound up buying a 360 almost two weeks ago. Right now the only games I have are Rock Band, NHL 08 and Lost Odyssey, but I'm figuring out what else I should get or look forward to besides Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. If you're into the Clancy…
  • I think the quality of any 'social' gaming you do is dependent upon the people you play with...if you get out there and group up with friendly people you already know, or meet new people who share you style of gaming, it's absolutely great. If you j…
  • I've never ben a forza fan, too 'simmy' for my tastes, although I've heard rave reviews. I've liked all the PGRs that have come out, and I'll eventually get this one too. PGR is a nice medium between the simmy and the arcady racers. The motorcycles…