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  • Holy balls, little astro grew up to be celestalon. That's amazing. Feel free to friend me since I'm always logged into that. Deacon#1625. Big fan of your tweets, and excited for WoD.
    in Kwak Comment by thedeacon May 2014
  • I'd be happy to add you and facilitate grouping whenever you're on. Hit me up on steam anytime and I can make a point of logging into wow if I'm not there. Also, if you have a battletag post it so we can add your whole account to the friends list ra…
  • I think he means Canadian Christmas. They do everything different up there just to show they're not americans.
  • well... world of warcraft is down for the night so I can demigod it up at the hours you guys usually play... i'm joining random games and on hotline as i type this :)
  • oi! hey DBO :) I'd love to play with you guys, i'm steadily working my way through the list of characters and getting familiar enough with them to beat a hard tournament. But tuesday nights are raid nights so I'm usually occupied till about 11:30…
  • got a copy of it too, still trying to build up achievement points in single player games to get the best artifact thingies... not sure which ones i will want yet
  • After seeing it at the gathering and playing the demo a bit, I think I'll be picking up a copy before too long. Any discounts floating around? $20 is very reasonable but if there's a referral bonus or something similar I'm all for that.
    in Demigod Comment by thedeacon April 2010
  • The link seems to be dead for me... being out of town I have not used vent the past several days but I have been told the server is down. Any update on the balance due or a fixed link?