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  • and got into jade quarry this morning. it's on now!
  • and jade quarry is full... before I made a toon on it.. sad times.
  • I should have noted this in my first note. Guild Wars account: CornMuscles.1683
  • I will be there, I will shoot for Jade Quarry as well. I don't know either of you that well but look forward to playing with you! My name will be something with either CornMuscles or Vragak.
  • All... I hate my life. But I did re-up for a 6-month deal. Though I will probably switch classes as my "main" as I've been a hunter for so long... I think it is time to move on to something else. ~Vragak.
  • Vragak Vragdeh Vrazadin Senj One of these will be online tonight, the real person me, not the key-logger / hacker. Also I'll try to find vent info and jump on there so I can help give back anything those toons still have from the GB. Luckily they …
  • Also... Can someone let me know if there are items still missing. According to the character restoration e-mails I received for Vragak Vragzadin Vragdeh - I don't even remember this character! There were quite a few decent sounding items, and a …