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  • Still too busy with Wedding crap. will probably be free the second tuesday in June to get on there with ya'll
  • I've started a tournament still trying to get the hang of it all
  • I'll pick it up.. though I don't really understand it yet. and I may be free during that time frame, if I am I will try to ping one of you on HL perhaps?
  • Based on my time with the demo i'm kinda confused. It seems like when I press buttons that say they do stuff, nothing happens. However, it was still fun. if it goes discount let me know I'll pick it up.
    in Demigod Comment by Vragak May 2010
  • now you all have my interest perked. I'm downloading the demo
    in Demigod Comment by Vragak April 2010
  • I should be around this evening (12-1) But my HLCP has been down lately so I may or may not be there.
  • if you didn't start at 8:30 pacific... i.e. 11pm for me maybe I would show-up! Where is the east coast love?
  • The BSW was acting kooky on me last night. Laggy and eventually just locked up. I'm sure I was well into last place in that dominion game anyways. Hopefully next time it'll be a cooler game and i won't have the issues.
  • I'm going to take a look too. Though I have no clue how to play any of the mentioned games, but I'm always up for learning a new game. I have Volleyball on Monday and Friday night's so those are out of the question for me.
  • I'm going to agree with Patro. I also own a Vizio. For about 3 years now, 37" which was about $1200 when I purchased (at the time it was cheap compared to other 37"). The only complaint I have with it is my remote occasionally takes two button pr…
  • Total combinations for weapons is either 1.3 million or 3.1 I can't remember which order the numbers go in.
  • I own it for PS3. I am quite enjoying it. Play it with a few college buddies
  • I played it once. Didn't like it. And then stopped playing it.