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  • I've been tossing up Borderlands, but the game that really has my attention right now is Uncharted 2. Unfortunately it's a Sony production so I'll never see it on my 360, but it looks to be everything I've wanted in an action game for a long time. I…
  • mmm, Utopia all over again. :) Looks a bit more interesting from the Wikipedia entry though, eh.
  • 5th in queue correlates with immediate? :) I'll see if I can find time in my Busy Schedule (oh, I like the relevance of that acronym here) to hop on HL tomorrow. I wonder if they have it at Kinokuniya (I'll have to go and search, their site is icky…
  • Heh, surprise surprise, it's not on the Australian iTS (probably any, for that matter). Let me know how it is Moofin and I'll try to track it down in the land of red dust. Emphasis on try there. Hmm, maybe the uni library.
  • Heh, Mori, those photos made it beyond our borders? Oh yeah, _World Wide_ Web. ;) We only had early 90s 3D game class field of vision for a couple of hours. Unusual, but meh. Would have been more fun if it started raining mud. This one Patro? [url=…