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  • We'll have Rock Band and Guitar Hero 3 at ECG curtsy of your friendly Seifer and Burnout. :)
  • Grim on Live. Yay. Call of Duty 4 + Halo 3 = all you need to be happy in life. And maybe Army of Two, Bioshock, Mass Effect and Dead Rising. xSiefer13x
  • I've got a few toons on Staghelm on the Horde side, and then a few on Llane on the Ally side. Vakkos is my main, he's a hunter. I've only been playing on Llane for a few weeks now. How far along is your guild? The guild I'm in is a bit selfish. They…
  • Well I've got an Intel Celeron 2.9ghz processor with 1.5gb of RAM and an ATI X1300PRO 256MB DDR2 video card. I know it's not a gaming machine but I bought it 3 years ago before I got into PC gaming. My biggest cause for confusion is the fact that pr…
  • As much as I love WoW, I don't love it enough to buy a new puter. That's one of the heated debates on this thread on the actual forums. But WoW isn't worth almost a grand, especially when you have a kid on the way in November. I'm just going to have…
  • Hey guys I've been dealing with this for awhile now. I'm one of the many, many, MANY people who ever since 2.1 has had nothing but problem after problem with …
  • We got any takers for a Halo 3 game night? It's possible to find good players through match making but I'd like to get a pose together to go out once a night and make other Halo players cry. XB360 GT "xSeifer13x"
  • I actually enjoy writing stories and such about games or films I like. I've done a few synopsis for WoW, and back in high school, I wrote a short entry on a factious event in Final Fantasy 8. Man, good times. PS.Liked the story, never played the ga…
  • I should have mentioned that the PC/Mac platforms are what we we're going for. Everyone has a computer but not everyone has an Xbox and Live account.
  • So I spoke with a few people on the CPHL server and a few showed some interest on maybe doing a Halo night. Eph was in and so was Black Cat, so that makes too. Other may have said yes, but my memory is horrible. So what do you say guys and gals?
  • Hey guys, every year I try to buy myself something for X-mas. Something not to expensive so I don't feel to guilty. This year I believe I need a new video card. Honestly I need a whole new PC, but with bills and budgeting the way they are I don't ha…
  • I only met Blackcat once he seemed like a smart guy...put from the list it looks like he forgot two of the best people. That being D"h"arklord and myself.
  • Hey guys, having having someone problems connecting to the Hotline server. Keeps telling me "connection timed out" Is the server still up?
  • I feel sad could I Seifer aka Wayne be forgotten?