C&C Generals

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    This game rocks. Period.

    Yes, it's a painfully standard RTS, but Generals has a few things going for it:

    It's really pretty--prettier, I think, in its own way, than Warcraft 3.

    The three sides really are very different tactically. Build a lot of stuff and throw it at the other guy only really works for one of the three sides (China). USA can do that, but does better with more careful planning. GLA can use that approach too, but is MUCH more effective if played sneaky.

    The "Brutal" AI is quite challenging. Not as challenging as a human player, but I've found that, like Warcraft, human players of this game tend to be very formulaic. That would probably be different if I were playing with friends, but playing the "quickmatch" games I tend to lose to the same tired approaches every game. I lose because I don't build as fast as the twitch RTS players.

    The solo campaign, while short, is quite interesting. I took my time and played thru it a couple times on different levels of difficulty, trying different approaches. Several of the levels are flexible enough that you can pull off several different approaches and still win.

    I've been having a LOT of fun with this game for the past couple weeks! Anyone care to join me for some arranged games, ping me on CPHL.

    _/ C

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