[Croaker #CP#V] Kinda old news but America's Army is out for Macs.

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    I'm still playing this game pretty regularly. Graphics rock. Great gameplay. One thing that makes First Person Shooters boring for me are the Super weapons and respawning. Getting killed by someone shooting 5 rockets per second with unlimited ammo when you're going to respawn in less time than it took to get fragged doesn't hold much meaning for me.

    In America's Army you have realistic weapons physics, limited ammo, no power ups, no health, no ammo spawns, realistic player movements, and no respawning. You kill someone, he's not coming back for revenge. You get killed, you get to watch the survivors finish the game. This makes for co-op like play in a slower paced First Person Shooter.

    There are some frustrating bugs that wouldn't even be noticed in a twitch FPS and there are your usuall cheaters. But the game is free, is constantly being updated with fixes and new additions to gameplay and they're going to be using Punkbuster with the next patch due out probably this month.

    My only real complaint is they dropped their fast, reliable servers and have exclusively contracted with slow, unreliable servers so it's tough for me to get a smooth game going lately. I hear this isn't such a problem for the east coast players though.
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    Correction: Going to be available soon. [nt]

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    It's out now, looking forward ti trying it. [nt]

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