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    Have you wondered what you want to do with your life? Wondered what you really like and what would be your 'dream job'? Wondered why you do the things you do or prefer the things you do?
    This website I found asks you a few questions (no typing - multiple choice) and gives you a 6-7 page overview of your personality. I did this and found that the answers were right on the money.

    It is definately worth the few minutes to do and it is FREE!

    Go here and click on the 'free analysis' icon:

    Note: I am not affiliated with this site at all.


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    This is an odd one, I'd swear I took one of these vocational study things in HS that was also called MAPP. However, that one never produced a passage like this:

    M does prefer considering people both philosophically, and psychologically. This natural motivation towards an interest in people causes a personal, ethical interest in the potential and destiny of others. If that interest is reinforced by strong benevolence, M prefers to be active in service directly involved with and beneficial for others. It is important to see what motivational levels exist for M with regard to benevolence, gregariousness, managerial activities, persuasiveness and/or dedication to harmonious relations. Each or all of those traits can be interactive with this mentoring trait and strongly influence the if, how and why that mentoring is done.

    I'm not even sure that first sentence makes sense, much less applies. ;-)

    A word of warning though, quite often with a series of non-interactive questions like this the subject will tend 'push' towards the 'right' answer. Compensating for this tendency in a blank paste-in analysis such as the above is simply not possible. In other words use the tool for what insight it can provide, but (Of course) do not swallow it whole as The Truth. :-)

    If I remember correctly you have contact with a shrink DL, I'm sure if you prod the person enough he can provide a few more of these type tests and so allow you to average the results across different testing methods. I seem to recall one called 'SCLE' or Scale in parlance that was extremely comprehensive and avoided the 'push' through sheer volume of questions.

    Favorite question from this one:

    Work at a wildlife rescue & rehabilitation center
    Restore wolves to wilderness areas
    Have vacations at a comfortable resort

    Ramses II
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    In other words use the tool for what insight it can
    provide, but (Of course) do not swallow it whole as The Truth.

    Exactly. I myself used it for fun and curiosity. Nothing like this can be 100% accurate, and for some it may be 0% usefull.

    If I remember correctly you have contact with a shrink DL.

    Correct - but that has nothing to do with why I tried this site. I found this on my own and she had nothing to do with it. I was looking at it as a way to possibly better myself with some a better understanding of myself. Any insight, no matter how small, nor from where it has been gleaned, is of great boon.

    Ramses II

    I must admit, I made the original post sound a bit more 'enticing' than perhaps it should be. I was only trying to spark an interest so that some people might check it out.

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