2002 Clan Plaid Pigskin Pick'em


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    Plaid & FoP welcome to play!

    I've started a group on espn.com for this year's NFL season. You'll need an espn.com ID to join (free). It's the same format as the NCAA Tourney Challenge we do every March.

    Rules are simple: Pick the winner of every NFL game this season (weekly). Person with the best record at the end of the season is crowned Clan Plaid Almighty Pigskin Pick'em God™. Okay, maybe a trophy, too.

    No point spreads are used, simple win/lose. Every week is counted, and if you miss your picks one week, home teams are chosen for you by default.

    Our group name is "Clan Plaid & Friends". Do a search for that name after you sign up, and click on our group to join. The password you will need to join is 'cape'.

    The season starts this Thursday, so get your picks in ASAP (missing the first week does not prevent you from playing, so if you read this AFTER thursday, join up anyway, be an underdog.)

    Good Luck!


    #CP# Pigskin Pick 'em
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