16 player Halo netgames. Woo!

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    We finally pulled this off this Wednesday at Yahoo! and it was SOOO much fun!!! We have adjacent large-ish meeting rooms with projection TV's in them, and a couple folks also brought boxlight projection TV's, so we had 2 big wall-sized screens in each of these meeting rooms. The Xboxes were hooked up via a special conference-room LAN which is isolated from the rest of the Y! network. IS didn't expect it to work, but it did, and it was perfect for our needs!

    We had team games going for about 3 hours straight ... never less than 10 players, usually maxed at 16. We played a whole lot of different maps & game types. I like the vehicle maps a lot, but team slayer with 16 people in a cramped map is amazingly fun, especially when you play mini-games like "defend the sniper room" and such ;-)

    There was much hooting and hollering and a very good-natured rivalry going between the GUI, shopping & personals people in our conference room and the games, commerce and auctions folks in the other room. Filo even dropped by for a bit to watch, but didn't play because he "sucks at video games". Maybe next time ... ;-)

    If you have a chance to get in on such a game, do it ... it rocks!

    _/ C

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    Aye, it's a blast :) [nt]

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