We have a Ventrilo Server now -- whoot

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    A bunch of us were talking about how it would be nice to set up a Ventrilo server, seing as there are good Mac & Windows Vent clients that we have all used. Maranna/Wally suggested www.gameservers.com, and I checked it out. The rent a 20 person Ventrilo server for about $8/month (w/a 6 month prepay). Peoplesaid they'd pitch in, so i went ahead and set it up. Ill post about taking donations for the cost soon.

    Here's the info:
    address: voice.gameservers.com
    port: 4390
    password: (ask a CP menber on WoW or CPHL for it)

    I havent gotten fancy with accounts and different levels of admin access, but for now, it works great. and we should be able to easily invite other ppl that were raiding or in a PUG with to hop on & voice with us. If you need someone non CP to get on, just tell them the password. We can always change it/upgrade it later if needed.

    Happy Venting!
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    HOT! It is aweomse!
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