Priest Talent Build Update for Marrana

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    Since more and more of us are hitting 60 or are close to it, we can start doing Guild-Only runs of stuff. With that in mind, I've respecced my talent tree to a textbook Holy/Disc build.

    Here's my real life schedule as it starts to break down toward my move to Columbus and starting my new job:

    I'll be out: Nov. 10th - Nov. 13th. and Nov. 18th - Nov. 26th.

    Before, between, and after those dates I will be available. Starting December 1st I start my new job, but unless it has suddenty become a work-nightmare, I should be back to normal operating procedure in the early to late evenings to do instances. The weekends, understandably, will become more important for me as well. Since any reall high-end instance at 55+ worth its weight in salt takes at least 3 hours (and, of course, a lot more for true endgame stuff) to fully accomplish, I see the weekends becoming more important in the long run for most of us anyway.

    Just an fyi.
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