[Jakesnochicken] wwII unit plugin for myth 2

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    Can i get some please? I downloaded the Titans Plugin, the whole 17 megs, or at least tried to get it all, the only thing is it failed with one meg left. I managed to unzip the Titan plugin and the Mythical Solo plugin but the Unit Plugin (the one i need most) is "garbled" and cant be unzipped. Very frustrating. Anyway i was wondering if anyone can help by directing me to a place where i can dowload it alone..or give it to me directly. Otherwise I'll have to suffer that 17 meg download again!....please help if you can! i tried posting at the mill and asking people on bungie.net but i havent gotten much of a response...help me!

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    Re: wwII unit plugin for myth 2

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    I took care of it guys (nt)

    Bungie Sightings
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    Thankyou Freewill and Clan Plaid!
    The download works fine and WWII is a blast!

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