Diablo 2 LoD Expansion Set... Info...

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    The Lord of Destruction pack came out this week. Some had it as early as Wednesday, eh, Stormy? :)

    The rest of us got it by Thurs..Wang, Fri.. Me... and I saw Gwydion with it, I think.

    Anyways, We have people on Both East and West Coast servers.. So I intend to have characters on BOTH Realms. The best way to get together to play is to meet up on HL... and also on my dedicated Bcom Server for Voice Chat.

    While the LoD program is a Hybrid disk.... Mac people can play with PeeCee people NOW..... Most of us PeeCee'ers are getting spoiled by VOICE CHAT... So... While I *can* play with anyone... Mac or PC... I prefer to play with people who can Voice Chat in the game.

    The main program we use is Battlefield Communicator ..Bcom... but it was just bought out by MicroSoft... They removed the Free files from
    their website. HOWEVER, Wang has placed copies of the files on our HotLine server for those people who want it. Get it!

    Once you play games with Voice chat... You Can't Go back!

    For FUN and Honor!


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    How to find me

    I'm restarting all my classic characters, so I'll have plenty of new guys to start up.

    Just do a /whisper *ramsesiicp on West and I'll respond if I'm awake. Unfortunately our apt. only has one phone line so I occassionally have to bail out, but I'm working on getting that fixed. About to go get my new sorc started working through.

    Ramses II
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    Re: How to find me

    Just do a /whisper *ramsesiicp on West and I'll respond if I'm

    I'll look for ya Rams, as soon as my copy comes in. (Probably next weekend, maybe sooner.)

    I'll even play with Nate, as long as I don't have to listen to him voice chatting away... Oh wait, I have a Mac -- no worries on that front! 8-)
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