Another Quake 3 CTF and Team Arena map in beta

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    I have another map in the late beta stages. If you're of the Q3 persuasion feel free to take a look and send me feedback.

    You must have the Threewave Compilation Pak #1 already installed, as this map uses some Threewave textures and shaders.

    You also need to have a fairly recent version of Q3. If you have 1.29f installed, you're cool for playing this map in either Q3CTF or Team Arena.

    For Quake 3 CTF (not Team Arena), Q3 version 1.25 or later is OK too if you also use the latest version of OSP or CPMA to play the map. Vanilla unmodified Q3 1.25 won't cut it though.

    Download is here for anyone I haven't scared off:

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