[Oroboros] Magma Releases Thirteenth Netplay Plugin to TFL

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    As if master-minding and executing RoTFL2: TOTAL CARNAGE, TFL's largest, non-Bnet tournament wasn't enough, Project Magma has completed their port of MythII: Soulblighter's "Proving Grounds" map to TFL.

    DeadMan of 'Mything In Action' took the helm of Project Magma's flattest plugin to-date, containing several models, all Project Magma super-script units (Myrkridian Giants, Myrkridia, Warlocks) and a variety of unit mixes to complement the original Proving Grounds and Killing Grounds armies. Proving Ground's technical and scripting additions were brought to life by SJ's Losk.

    Proving Grounds (and all its variants) is able to be downloaded at the new Project Magma web site, projectmagma.net/creations.shtml. All Magma maps are hosted through the kind generosity of the Myth Village webmasters at mythvillage.org.

    DeadMan is one of TFL's more prolific cartographers with several plugins under his belt including The Vessel and Valley of Ruin. DeadMan is poised to release 'Vivid' within a week, to complete his hat-trick of plugins with a 'V' in the title.

    In addition, the special RoTFL2 tournament map "InCarn8" is available from the Project Magma website, and over the last week has seen some heavy demand, not only due to its tourney requirement, but for its very small filesize.

    Project Magma has so far produced 13 plugins for TFL, including the 32-map plugin 'µnity3' and 4 beefed-up TFL co-ops for team training called 'The Alliance Collection'. All plugins contain MythII units adapted for TFL play.

    "Return of The Fallen Lords: TOTAL CARNAGE" web site: http://projectmagma.net/rotfl2/

    [url=http://projectmagma.net/creations.shtml]Project Magma Maps[/url]
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