Tropico anyone? (Carch?)

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    I just got Tropico, and have potzed around with it for only a few minutes. It's from PopTop, the folks who brought us Railroad Tycoon II, and visually shares a lot with that game. I was just wondering if anyone else -- particularly Carch, who I know likes building sims -- had been playing this one. It looks like it could be fun, and the level of detail you can get into is astounding (down to reading thoughts of individual citizens of your little banana republic).

    So far, I'm trying to stay on the up-and-up -- I survived my first election without having to fix the polls, and I have yet to establish a Swiss bank account and start funnelling funds into it. The Soviets love me, and send me a good chunk of change every year. The Communists and intellectuals in my country think I'm OK, though for some reason the capitalists aren't so keen on me. 8-)

    There is, of course, no multiplay, but if you like these kinds of games, this one looks like a good one.
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    Played it at MWNY

    I had a chance to try it out at the Expo. I thought it looked kinda neat, and I'm keen to buy it. One thing I didn't like is how pixellated the thing got when zoomed in max... I own (and still play) Railroad Tycoon II, and it doesn't get that way in RRT2. Must be some bug in Tropico.

    Anyway I'll pick it up when it's available.

    On the other hand, RRT2 has multiplayer, and I've never had a chance to try that out, so if anyone's interested, lemme know.


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    Cool, thanks for the info ...

    if you like these kinds of games, this one looks like a good one.

    I read the (mostly rave) reviews of this game, and had a look at it. Even though the genre is right up my alley for some reason this just didn't seem like it'd be fun. SimFidel?

    Based on your review, though, I'll probably give it another look (after launching a new product and between catching up on DII and Baldurs and ... ;-)

    _/ C

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