I made a D2:LoD hardcor character.

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    I just finished Act I. My assasin is around level 12ish.

    What game designation did we make Hardcore games?

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    Can hardcor Characters play with Hardcore ones?

    U SUK!

    Actually, I still have not started to play HC with LOD yet.
    I did convert a L23, HC Barb to the new HC tho... But I have not used him yet.

    I should create a new HC char soon... but regular play has been so much fun.. I still want to see how my Level 41 chars play when they are 50 or 60. :)

    3 of us Killed Baal last nite.. with virgin characters... that is the 3rd char of mine to do it... Always FUN.

    And, Nitemare games are Fun too... So many choices!

    Get Bcom so we can hear your New Yuck Accent again.


    ^A^ Apoc Home Page
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    I have been using the following:

    normal hardcore:


    nightmare hardcore:


    I suppose if I ever get to hell I would make it:


    I'll look for you DL, I have a pali that I started as a mule character who is level 8ish now, so I'll beef him up a bit. Plus I have a few minor twinks and assasin might want, if you need them.
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    ack- she died - have to start a new one =( [nt]

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    Re: ack- she died - have to start a new one =(

    errr...she was fairly short lived, eh?

    Spit :P

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    that's ok - just killed 2 more - started another. [nt]

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