Hell Sucks!

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    Act1 hell Blows!!!! I know you know this, but it really sucks. The exp is useless (i basically played all of act1 and barely leveled once (i am level 61). Here i am fighting immune to physicals and stoneskin/lightning immune with my paladin, which really sucks, i get to andariel, kill her fairly easily....and what does she drop?? studded leather and chipped stones!!!!!
    Bah. Act 2 better be better!

    on a side note, i did find a rare jewel with about 5-6 attributes. Not sure how i am gonna use it though.


    (who now has to go back and play some nightmare to level up:)

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    Act 2 is not better :-)

    If Duriel drops anything blue at all count yourself lucky, he usually drops me a bunch of ID scrolls and stamina potions. Skellies = no leech mobs that often spawn with healer/reviver types. The Arcane Sanctuary is nasty now, with phys immune floaters. If you have Sanctuary learn how to flash it for knockback effect in large mobs and take out the reviver through the gap (Charge works well to get to them after a knockback... sometimes). For all the undead in this act it's worth considering mace class weapon for awhile for extra damage.

    Being a lonely melee'r you have a hard time of it. You could probably level to 70 in the NM Worldstone Keep and maybe get some good stuff from Baal and then start A2 or you could upgrade your machine and join one of our parties. :-)


    Ramses II
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