D2 in-game '/' commands?

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    I can't seem to find a list of in-game '/' commands anywhere. I thought there was a '/fps' command, but that doesn't work--at least on-line. Also, '/reply' doesn't seem to work there either, which is really annoying! '/help' doesn't work like it does in battle.net either. '/help commands' says something stupid like 'The correct usage is: /help'. Even though '/help' alone tells you to type '/help TOPIC' with three things listed...


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    The only ones I use in game are /w /whois /who /time and fps (Not /fps, just fps). I know /away works, and probably the rest do as well, but I've never used 'em for anything.

    Whois find a player by character name or *login. Who shows everyone in a channel. Not sure how /help works, but there might be something in the battle.net faq at www.battle.net.

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