Diablo II lag reducer mod

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    I UL'd this to CPHL today though it just came out and I haven't had a chance to test it. There are a number of optional things that may also improver performance when set, so go over the readme. File is hosted from here:


    ...but you can get it on CPHL in ulpoads. :-)

    Ramses II (This by way of the LL and a respected member of the community, not some hacker site)
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    Erm, clarification: PC only at this time :( (nt) [nt]

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    Word from the author is:

    "If I can get some help from a mac modder I'll put out a mac version too. But it will be a stripped-down version with no options, just an MPQ file unfortunately."

    (Foxbat on the LL forums)

    No on/off options, but no big loss there. So call it soon. ;-)

    Ramses II
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