[Drewstre] I need some Myth III films...

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    My roommate grabbed the Myth III demo on his PC, on my insistence. He never played Myth I or Myth II, the poor boy. I wanted to see how it would run on his Athlon 1.2/GeForce2 GTS box. Well, it's not very stable. He can't seem to join any games... whenever he tries, it immediately wonks back to main menu screen. He is not impressed so far.

    I really wanna see this puppy run... I figure if I could grab some films, I could at least check out the game engine changes, and maybe persuade my roommate to continue trying to log on...


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    M3 has a nasty film bug, after every film viewing the game crashes. Hopefully a patch will be out in the next week or so to fix this, but in the meantime I'd advise against watching films. :-(

    Ramses II
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    Re: Unfortunately...

    Actually, it doesn't crash then for me... maybe he'll get lucky too.

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    I just wanna SEE it man

    I feel like a kid on Christmas morning with no AA batteries... I just wanna taste it. Can anybody make a film?


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