New Demo to try out....

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    I have uploaded MoonBase Commander Demo (PeeCee Only) to our Hotline server. Feel free to download it and try it out. The 4 player multiplay looks like it could be a very simple but FUN game. I will be buying the full game as soon as I can find a vendor. The list price is only $19.95. It's a turn-based strat game that has the simplicity yet depth of games like Spaceward Ho! or Worms.


    PS. The demo allows solo and LAN only... but get a taste.
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    Get it here...

    I've also had a lot of fun with the demo... i imagine human competition would take the game to a whole other level though. It's cheap :)

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    Thanks, I ordered it tonite....

    I'll be playing the full game after I get back from a week at BurningMan starting Tuesday. Actually, I'll get back Sunday nite.

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