[Croaker #CP#V] Americas Army

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    Woo Hoo!
    I ran into Zinfandel on Mountain Pass in Americas Army game. I couldn't believe I actually saw a friendly face (I think I played against Neurotik a couple rounds but couldn't get his attention to find out if it was the Neuro we know and love). We were on opposite teams and I had just joined the game so I switched over from Defense to Assault. Zin told me not to bother since Assault was sucking but once the two of us got together we were able to get our team to actually play as one (almost impossible in this game for some odd reason) and we kicked butt, winning two 7 game matches in a row with very few cassualties (doesn't sound like much but that map is very difficult for Assault to survive let alone win with more that 1 guy left).
    We gotta get bcom or something working next time Zin. Look for me as Lmno or Croaker, Croaker#CP# if my new name registration works, and I'll keep an eye out for you. :>
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