Mech Warrior 4 - Mercenaries

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    It's been 8 months to a year since I hung up my MW4 Vengence and Black Knight expansion pack. Played those two great games for over a year.

    This new STAND_ALONE game uses the same engine, but greatly refines it. The graphics are better, the gameplay is great, and the Multi-player Servers are all new and improved. There is less lag and Sluggishness than was in the BK servers.

    Many new mechs and weapons to play with and some nice tweeks to the old standbys. After 4 or 5 nites on the "Pubs", I feel like joining a team for some team play... Who all has the game, and who is planning on getting it?

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    [b]Some of the old team is still around[/b]

    Apoc rolled into BT and some of the old Apoc left (Saracen's gone FYI), and we still play in the same leagues (SLAML and TWL). I believe SLAML is going to Mercs this round, and TWL will probably open a Mercs ladder soon. I'm loving the solo game of Mercs even though some of the missions where you have to keep someone/thing alive are pretty much impossible on elite. Solaris is spectacularly fun.

    You can only see the barely used public board for MW4 at the bottom, but there's activity enough on the private boards if you want to join back up.

    If you like 'mech games Mercs is a guaranteed winner.

    Ramses II
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