[Zinfandel] Mechwarrior Mercs

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    Just got it... Where can I find you guys? Is BCom still around?
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    Although, erm, pretty much just me under the BT tag and the public forum is poorly traffic'd. I'm, of course, BT_Ramses II on public servers (Mostly on Team Banzai's Shiro, or the AC, HEL, X, SW, or V8i servers). The other BT would pretty much all be decent guys to play with. Mercs is a very different game under Team Battle than BK under TA was, if you want to score at the top you generally want fast recycle weapons on, usually, a medium or light chassis.

    Alternatively the ERPPC is now king for heavies and assaults; since the range has been expanded to 1k and an option to turn off fog has been included.


    Under TB you do not need a high kill to death ratio to score high, so taking a fast mech with infighting or low damage weapons is no longer really punished as it was in BK. Team Destruction, which is popular with the BK players, is pretty much the same as TA in BK with the ERPPC taking the place of the ERL. A 4ERPPC Black Knight or Gladiator are the most popular mechs under that game type.

    Ramses II
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