Spearhead - MOH expansion

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    I am halfway through the game....Tried to play it on hard...After 3 days of getting my ass repeatly handed to me at the "Let's clear the farm house" part...I had to go to Normal...The AI is too stupid to know that it is getting its collective butts waxed and bug out...No...it would rather hang around and be a bullet magnet for every Jerry in the place..."British Stiff upper lip my Arse!"

    Anyway...the graphics are a bit improved...You can see movement behind trees now...at least better than before...The enemy AI is smarter too...they will hide behind tree trunks, in ditches, and they love to throw grenades...You can use some of the artillery in the expansion (the AA Guns take out halftracks and trucks nicely, and the nebelwarfer? is good but loads slow and you have to arc your shots with it)...They still need to improve the ability to look through fences (still a bit rough, you have to walk right up to it to see through it good enough to distinguish enemy that are standing still). They still haven't given you the Prone position (Sorry, but crouching in some situations only makes you a round ball shaped target instead of a tall pole shaped one)...If I could have them do one thing in this game, it would be to add the ability to give your "teammates" orders or commands...Like "Fall back", or "Take Cover" or "Get out of the way you Limey Bastage!" or even "Hey Dumbass! You are getting shot there! Move over here!"...Yeah, just a few simple commands would be nice...

    But, it is still not too bad of a game...If my twitch skills were better, maybe I could do the game on Hard, but I guess normal is good enough....I got a cable modem from Santa (the other one) this year so I should have Cable internet soon(tm)...Then I will try the Multi stuff...as well as the American Army thing (It will not connect at all with my dial-up connection)...

    Well, back to Bastogne....

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