Carcassonne Tournament

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    BrettspielWelt is having a Carcassonne Tournament in the coming months. They are featuring rounds for both the original game, the expansion, as well as the Hunters & Gatherers.

    To sign up, log into the main BSW page with your screen id, and then proceed to here:

    That gives you a cookie that allows the form to work. The dates are "European style", meaning 29.04 is April 29th, and they use a 24 hour clock. The times listed are Central European Time, I think, which means PST would be -0800, MST is -0700, CST -0600 and EST -0500 the times listed (putting most of the tournaments between lunchtime and supper). If anyone's planning on being in Germany in the near future you can also sign up for the live tournaments. (Anmeldung means Registration).

    The form should be pretty easy to understand... Vorname means first name, Nachname last name... make sure for Land you put Sonstige, which means other. The final roll-down menu contains the possible dates to sign up and how many free spots there are.

    I'm surprised there are so many spots for the original game... more than the expansion...

    --Der Mueffelkopf

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