My thoughts on the game Postal 2

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    I've finished Postal 2 on regular and am on Tuesday of the Enhanced game. The original Postal was a great game for releasing steam. My saying for the game was, "There are no good guys, There are no bad guys, There are just targets." The best part of the original was the marching band coming down the street with people standing on the sides. One molotov cocktail if thrown right could wipe out 40 or 50 people...

    The new game made by Running with Scissors, is based on basically the same premise as the first game, only it is now a first person shooter. RWS used the Unreal game engine for the new game. You can kick out windows, shoot anything that moves, walk along powerlines (if you can get on the roof), and in the later games, blow up cars, fire explosive rifle bullets, and even piss fire....Yeah, they went all out...

    But somehow, the game just doesn't have the same "Go around and blast everything that moves" feel to it that the first one did. You have to complete tasks each of the 5 days. They might consist of picking up your paycheck, getting an autograph, going to see your crazy Uncle at the religious compound, etc. You have to complete all the assigned tasks, usually 3 or 4 per day, before you finish the day out.

    And usually each day, you will piss off one group or another of people that then become your enemies throughout the game, They are Anti-game violence nuts, Book burners, Middle Eastern Terrorists, Postal people, Rednecks, Butchers. And you get into places that you have to fight your way out of, like the post office, a church, the religious compound (you are after the ATF in this one), a junk yard...Some of the places are not too bad, others are a bit harder. I played the game on Average (there are like 7 or 8 settings), and it was fairly easy.

    After you beat the game, you have the option of playing the enhanced game. This one is a bit more fun. You get more weapons and power-ups throughout the game, and you can Piss Fire!!! That is nice when you want to get rid of those pesky police that give you grief for blowing away that goofy bastard that won't sign your petition. You also get exploding rifle bullets as well...I'll have to give them a workout at the religious compound in a "Day or Two"...

    A warning about the game...It is just as violent and obnoxious at the first one. There is something in the game that will piss off almost everyone if they take it as more than what it is, a game. The begining has a large black and red Disclaimer screen saying that it is a game, and get over it.

    Would I recommend it? That is hard to say. I was disappointed that it wasn't more like the first one...But as I played it, it kinda grew on me. It is nice to come home after a hard day of dealing with idiots and pick up the old 12 gauge and go blow away some people at the Mall...But with the game only being "Five Days" long, it was kinda short. I think that is why they added the enhanced game ability after you beat it the first time. Otherwise, the game is a "One Play" Wonder.

    I would give it 3 shotgun shells...IF they would have brought back the flame thrower and added Saturday and Sunday, it would have been 4 to 4.5 out of 5....But then that is just me...

    Still searching for the next TFL...

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    Re: My thoughts on the game Postal 2

    I've finished Postal 2 on regular and am on Tuesday of the
    Enhanced game. The original Postal was a great game for
    releasing steam.

    Eek. I played Postal once. I was never disturbed by a computer game before (or since) that one... people actually enjoyed it??

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