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    Ok, after seeing everyone playing at WCG, I've got the itch. However, I don't have a lot of conidence that it will last. With EQ it was about 3 months. With DAoC, it was about a week.

    So, I want to give it a shot, but not at the risk of blowing $45 if I lose interest after a week. If anyone still has one of those trial codes that were flying around at WCG, i'll give it a whirl.

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    Hmm, trial codes? That'd make it a bit more tempting for me to try it out as well.
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    Here's my code guys, have at it. It may only work once, so may the best man win:


    and welcome! It'll last about 10 days, then you gotta choose if you wanna subscribe or not thought = /
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    Used it. Thanks Wally!

    Now I just need to figure out where I'm going to get the client...
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    I gave my trial code to Nate.
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    Here's another one if someone needs it (10 days free). Post if you use it so I don't pass it on to another friend or somesuch...

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