Warrior Kings?

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    I just played my first extended gaming bit in some time (sigh) and finished the recently released Mac demo level of Warrior Kings. I liked it enough to keep it in my intriguing bin. Seeing how much things like terrain, formations, and tactical planning seemed to make a difference in this game kept my interest far longer than most RTS's (yes, I still haven't finished WCIII). The AI didn't look all that stellar, though, at least on this one level.

    Reviews from the PC world seemed pretty positive. Anyone played the real thing? Thoughts? I'm only really interested in solo play these days (as if everyone couldn't tell already...) due to serious lack of free time. I was a little worried that it only had 22 levels, but from reading, it looks like you can fork your development a little into one of the three factions. On the other hand, the demo level was a pretty good length, so if they are all similar, that's cool.

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    Re: Warrior Kings?

    Every review I've seen of the sequel, Warrior Kings; Battles, mentions improved AI. That says to me that the AI in the original must stink to high heaven :). The Gamespot review also dinged it for a linear campaign and no skirmish mode. Of course, if you're time-limited, skirmish mode won't matter to you much. The PC demo of Warrior Kings: Battles was recently released, so if you're PC-able, I'd recommend that.

    Also just out for PC, the sequel to one of the most fun solo RTS games I've ever played, Homeworld 2. I'm really looking forward to this one! It's too bad Sierra sucks, or there'd be a Mac version of that, too.

    I don't get the game industry -- B-list titles like Warrior Kings get ported to Mac, but Game of the Year for '99 doesn't make it. Hrmph.

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