I feel dirty...

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    ...for letting you all know that I just discovered John Calhoun's (of Glider Pro (and Glider, I guess) fame) Glypha III was ported to OSX in February. Fortunately, I only discovered this morning, or 2003 would have become a year of doing nothing but stabbing bird mounted warriors in an Egyptian tomb.

    Grab it if you've been looking for a good old school arcade fix (and you're running OSX, heh).


    PS: Sorry for eliminating all of your free time.
    PPS: How cool are nested parentheses? :)*
    *How annoying are posts with a bajillion PSs and '*' comments? :)

    MGF: Shareware - Arcade - Glypha III
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    The Apple page I found the link on was one of a number of pages in a Mac shareware article they've drafted. A worthwhile read for those strapped for cash, like me, and interested in creative/nostalgic gaming, like me again. :)


    PS: I still feel dirty. :)

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