TFL 1.5 Filmography

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    Is anyone having issues with TFL playing films from saved games imported from places other than your copy of Myth? Specifically, someone else's films. I've tried with a few old, ie: pre 1.5, films, and they don't show up in the recordings window when trying to replay them. Does anyone know if 1.5 saving/replaying game states in a different way?

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    Re: TFL 1.5 Filmography

    MythDev thought it would be fun to totally kill film/saved game support in 1.5. (For old ones) You are supposed to thank them for this innovative step forward.
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    wtf? [nt]

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    Rereading my message I was maybe a bit over sarcastic. I meant to say old films/saved games won't work. New ones should work ok.

    The great benifit is you can now play on PlayMyth.
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