[Iciclees] ScriptEase for NWN

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    Hey everyone. Being one of the developers of ScriptEase, I thought I'd put the word out.

    ScriptEase is a pattern template based tool that generates script code for Neverwinter Nights. It is meant to be used in conjunction with the Aurora toolset; you first build your module in Aurora (paint terrain, populate it with objects, create blueprints etc.), then you open it up in ScriptEase to script it. ScriptEase even compiles and attaches scripts to the module file.

    It's really cool and it's free!

    Iciclees (a.k.a Pamplemus on the Bioware forums)

    Download ScriptEase
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    Re: ScriptEase for NWN

    I love scriptease. Just wondering if scriptease will ever tackle cutscene?
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