#CP# Halo Server Is Back Up

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    I changed it from a passworded game to a public one, and we are using the latest patch. The game name shows up in the list as "#CP#_For_FUN_&_HONOR".

    I also incorporated the auto-boot-team-kill features so people will be a little less inclined to goof around. Basically if you make a few of accidental team kills, you should be fine. After a certain number of non-immediately subsequent kills within a certain amount of time, though, you will be temp-banned from the server, with increasing penalties for further violations.

    If this doesn't work out, we can go back to using a semi-public password.

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    #CP# server & the All-Seeing Eye

    I like to use ASE for my server browser, but it seems to be missing a lot of Halo servers. I added the CP server to my own ASE list of Halo servers manually... a forum post over at the ASE site seems to imply that this will also notify the scanner about the CP Halo server, so that other ASE users will now be able to see it too. *shrug* I dunno. If anyone else is using ASE, try refreshing your Halo list and see if "#CP#_For_FUN_&_HONOR" shows up. (If you order the list by server name, it'll be alphabetized under "C", not under "#".)

    Possibly it might only work if you're using the same scanner as me... I have the Fileshack/Speakeasy scanner set as my default.

    If it's still not showing up, or if for some other reason you need to manually add the CP Halo server to some browser, its IP is (Default Halo port... 2302 I think.)

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