March Myth Night (Official Notice)

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    This is a reminder that Thursday, March 16th 2006 is our next
    official Myth night. Make sure you show up early this month to avoid
    the St. Patrick's Day myrm traffic.

    We will be gathering on at around 9 pm EST/6 pm PST.
    Myth nights tend to last around 4 hours, so there is a big window for
    the leftcoasters and late nite krid giants to get some games in. Please note
    that is currently not accepting any login accounts, so to
    login, type "guest" as user ID and anything as your password. If is not available, log into CPHL to find out IP addresses
    for TCP/IP play.

    We use version 1.5.1 of the Myth II app...this app no longer
    necessitates that the CD is in your drive while playing. (However,
    you obviously need to have the original app installed before updating
    to 1.5.1). If you have the original TFL disc around, keep that handy,
    too, as it will save you some time when downloading "The Fallen
    Levels" plugin.

    All of the software updates and plugins you'll need are located on
    CPHL at . Hotline clients can be found at . Once you're logged in, say 'Great Googly
    Moogly!' and follow this directory path to find the goods: Public
    Directory--Games--Myth Series--Myth II 1.5.1/Myth SB Night. At
    minimum,you'll need to download what is in "Installers" and "Must
    Have Plugins". As for the other stuff, there is a group of other
    'recommended' plugins to choose from and a couple of different
    options for the UI. (Thanks to our own Infininight.)

    We also use a VoIP (SIP Phone) app called "Gizmo" that a bunch of us
    use for voice comm and assorted hilarity throughout the night. There
    are versions on CPHL in the same folder as the myth items, or you can
    also download from . Once you're set up
    and registered (free), dial into the conference room 1-222-698-4835.
    (1-222-MYTHTFL). if you hear voices and they aren't German
    Pitfall! players, you've found the right spot!

    You have a little less than a week to download. No Excuses!

    Hope to get you all drunk with carnage on Thursday.
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    Lots of gg's tonight. Was a lot of fun playing carnage, creep etc for the first time in several years. Quite a few FoG, uDog and others joined later on as well.

    Looking forward to next month :)

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