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    The new computer is great... I'm enjoying Black and White and I also bought MechWarrior 4. To play MW4, though, you kind of need a joystick.

    I had a Logitech Wingman Attack joystick that I was using for Rogue Squadron and Battle of Naboo... It stopped working correctly however... it "twitches" to the right while you're using it. I think I broke it.

    Can anyone recommend a better joystick? I don't know if I need force feedback or rumbling or any fancy features like that.. I don't need tons of buttons, I don't think. I just want it to be fairly heavy duty so it doesn't break on me.

    Any thoughts?
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    Talk to Wang about joysticks for MW4 :-) (nt) [nt]

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    Re: Joystick

    I bought a MS Sidewinder Precision Pro for around $30 on sale not long after I bought Mechwarrior 4. I had plans to play some other space sims, but to date, MW4 is the only game I've used it for. It's behaved pretty well, although it hasn't seen all *that* much use.

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    Re: Joystick

    The Sidewinder is supposedly a good one, yeah. Personally I've got a Saitek Cyborg 3D (and I think someone else around here does too, maybe Nate). I do like the feel and button action and positioning on it, but I'm far from being a joystick jockey... those generally aren't my kinds of games. Just another possibility to look into if the Sidewinder doesn't float your boat for whatever reason.

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    Joystick Jockey


    Yes..I own a Saitek USB 3D.... However, I had a problem getting it to work with MW4... it would torso twist left... ( a known bug in the saitek driver )

    Anyways... I shelled out 90 bucks for the MS Sidewinder ForceFeedback 2 stick.... and BOY! has my life changed! Chicks dig it! And My MW4 ranking shot way up. Even with the FF turned way down, it has the best feel and control of any stick ever made.

    Now... the Saitek feels like a child's toy.

    Just make sure you get it at a place like CompUSA and pay the $9.95 for the 1 year guaranntee... I am on my THIRD stick.... No questions asked. One little button failed... on both sticks.. at this rate..I'll have a permanently new stick for the rest of my life. :)

    PS.. Wang and Cinny both got one.. and Cinny is ranked in the TOP 5 Players in the world.

    We still play MW4 matches every week and need more team mates. Contact us for more info.

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    Re: Joystick Jockey


    this rate..I'll have a permanently new stick for the rest of my
    life. :)

    Heh. Heheheheh. Heh. Har!

    Uh, never mind.
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