[A-bomber] I need a good wheel controller

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    yeah I need a wheel because i'm tired of trying to drive the vehicles in ww2ol with my joystick. anyone have any recommendations...nate?
    i'm looking for something with solid construction, durable, and not tiny.
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    Well, This might give you an idea....


    I have 2 wheel/footpedal sets:

    A 5 year old TRW that cost $250.00 and will outlive me. Old Joystick port system.

    A Thrustmaster "Nascar Super Sport" that I got in Chicago last year for $29.95 at a close out... USB, of course.

    That Nascar wheel has been Great! It rocked in EVO 4X4 and anything else I threw at it.

    One thing I will forever now REQUIRE a wheel to have are nicely placed wheel "pads" or "wings". They make shifting SOOOO much nicer as you don't have to move a hand to a gear shift lever or knob.

    Happy hunting!


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