[ghost dog] Tim Burton rips off Kevin Smith?

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    Warning, following this story will eventually lead you to a link which features the image in question and is a spoiler for the Planet of the Apes ending.

    Some of the forum posts by Kevin Smith and fans are funny


    "I was wondering when someone was going to notice"
    -Kevin Smith

    [url=http://www.viewaskew.com/newboard/messages289/723.html]sue his ass?[/url]
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    Re: Tim Burton rips off Kevin Smith?

    Curse you for directing my attention to yet another Web-board! I just spent 10 minutes reading posts in that thread before I realized I didn't care whether "Isis" and "Mike" etc. got along or not.

    What's that you say, the problem may be *mine?*



    Dude, no WAY!
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    Aye, it's a great forum (vlt)

    Have you ever come across any of Kevin's early responses to Dogma criticism? Just beautiful man, beautiful. A director that participates in his own website's forum? And can flame you like one of his characters in Clerks?

    I'm there man, 4-ever.

    - F

    Bungie Sightings
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    I don't know.

    Tim Burtons excuse of "I never read comics" is lame but...

    While thinking of a way to change the appearance of a large, well known American symbol of an important human into one of an ape for the ending of your movie, you don't have many choices. There's the Statue of Liberty (can't use that due to it's use in the original movie), Mount Rushmore (can't really change it's appearance w/out completely destroying it), the Lincoln Memorial (bingo. cut off the head and put your favorite apes on). You didn't have to read anyone else's idea to come up with the Lincoln Memorial ending. Take 100 people who've never even heard of Kevin Smith and have them come up with a statue to deface and you'll have 100 Lincoln Memorials.

    Maybe Burton should have put a monkey head on the Sphynx (but I'm sure someone else out there thinks he's the only one to ever think of that one too, screaming "Law Suit").

    -Croaker #CP#V-

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    agreed... not exactly rocket science =) [nt]

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